In the Spring of 1935, the Empty Saddle Club was organized by a group of local horsemen interested in promoting western horsemanship and the western way of life. Early in our history cattle were introduced to the Club and TEAM ROPING, one of the oldest events in western rodeo became a mainstay of the Club's cattle related activities. The first roping arena was constructed at the Club in 1947.


TEAM ROPING has evolved from a common western ranch activity of handling cattle on the open range to what we currently see practiced at the Club. As a matter of fact, the heeling and heading of cattle and controlling the cow between two ropes for branding, and doctoring is still used on many western ranches today. Western cowboys decided to make this ranch roping into a sport that could be practiced in an arena. Many of the Empty Saddle Club members not only practice this sport at the Club but travel to roping competitions throughout the western United States.


TEAM ROPING practice at the Club is on the following schedule: 
Tuesday 5-7pm 
Thursday 3-5pm 
Saturday 9-11am 
Sunday 3-5pm  


The Club charges a $30.00 cattle use fee.

For more information contact John Arbuckle at - 310.345.2995